Week of February 8
Feb 13, 2017                        email:   New and Living Way - News   February 8, 2017   “Encountering Jesus …  Becoming like Jesus...    Read More...

What has God put me on this earth for?
Mar 14, 2015
Devotion perspective from a 14 year old. This is what he had to say in front of his classmates:             Do you ever wonder why you are on the earth? Why God made you? What your purpose is? I certainly have. That is what my message is about...    Read More...

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If you are looking for a church home or would simply like to learn more about having a relationship with God, we would love to serve you. We are a Bible believing church with a strong emphasis on home and family. I look forward to meeting you! God Bless, Pastor Gregg Galan

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Life is busy, and many times the important pieces of the puzzle get lost in the shuffle! We want to help you and your family in every way we can. We provide an experienced children's ministry for ages 0-3 and ages 4-11.

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